You know the music make you jump and prance
The BE Peas we keep you rocking on the dance
You know my music make me jump and prance
Dum diddley dum dum diddley dum dum diddley dum dum diddley diddley
Bring on the rhythm; bring on the drums
The rim shack sound like someone gunned
(Pop! Pop!) There go your ear drums
So raise the volume to the maximum
Base booming bout to make your body feel numb
Penetrate your body penetrate your skeleton
This little diddley definitely demonstrates some
Dum diddley dum - so dance to the drum
Don't hurt yourself, take it easy
There's no better time than right now
So let yourself go, o-eh-o
Watch yourself now, her comes the sound
music please
Apparently yeah we the true MC's
BE Boys no decoys you know the sting
BE Peas till infinity
And we officially also fresh in the scene
So tell me if you see a crew that officially
Hit the whole glow simultaneously
Hit after hit, check out my melody
Sim sim sim, blum blum blum
The Black Eyed Peas begun with action
Repeating rhy-rhythm in satisfaction
No need for asking, that's what's happening
The blip blip blip, the blah blah blau
You didn't know me then and you'll never know me now
I'm the Apl.De.Ap, the Filipino Ap
You don't know my style, yeah let me take you out, come on

don't phunk with my heart